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TrimToes is a Mobile Toenail Cutting Service in Northwich and surrounding villages, and Knutsford.

Toe nail cutting can often be a troublesome and difficult task for the elderly. If you struggle to cut your toenails on a regular basis, TrimToes can help by coming to your home at pre-agreed times.

Our aim is to improve the quality of life for older people, helping them to be comfortable and stay mobile.

Who is eligible?

TrimToes is for the over 70s..

If you have diabetes, haemophilia, or any form of foot or nail fungus you need to visit your health professional. The NHS will assess you and advise you whether or not you are suitable for our TrimToes service.

How does it work?

TrimToes provides a basic toenail cutting service for medically low-risk individuals who have difficulty in managing this for themselves for any reason.

Areas covered

Northwich and surrounding areas

toenail cutting
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